November 26, 2014


Fringe Suede Jacket: Vintage
White Crew neck Tee: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Michael Kors
Booties: Vintage

Hey guys, long time no speak!! Things are getting a bit crazy for me as the semester's coming to an end (senioritis kicking in full gear) and the holidays are approaching! Before I head out to commence the turkey day aka Thanksgiving festivities I wanted to share with you guys this #OOTD from a while ago (can you tell by the LACK OF HAIL IN THE BACKGROUND?!). 

I scored this vintage gem back in the spring time but due to lack of time and resources to clean it up (no dry-cleaner would help me *sad face*) I was just able to take it out for a spin this fall. I will say this, when the weather starts warming up again, I'll hardly take this thing off my back! I literally goes with everything (umm hello, KHAKI!) and it sort of instantaneously makes any outfit look two notches cooler; the fringes are to thank for that!

Anyway, hope this thanksgiving is the absolute best for y'all as well as the rest of the holidays! Stay warm, dry (for all my New Yorkers) and cozy, and eat lots and lots of yummy food!


PS: Don't forget to watch my "About me" video to get to know each other a little better;)

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