November 30, 2014


Today has been one interesting day to say the least. You know things happen, people let you down, life runs its course. But like that quote going around Instagram says- every setback is a set up for a come back. Every chapter of your life is a learning lesson, there's something to be gained from absolutely every single experience that one goes through. And this morning has been one of those exemplar reality checks, divine intervention if you will. It's easy, especially in consumerist America, to be side-tracked by material things or a little extra cash in our pockets; to loose track of where our real happiness lies and what our true goals in life are. This morning I woke up extra motivated to continue chasing my dreams and to invest myself 100% in them. And I'm thankful for this moment of realization, I'm thankful for what I have and for new beginnings. I'm thankful for what I've been able to accomplish (with the help of the Big Guy above us of course) in my 21 short years. My biggest blessing to date has been gaining a taste of the world by traveling to 13 different nations; a taste that has left me craving for more. The excitement of getting on a plane with a new adventure on the horizon is definitely HIGH up there on my list of favorite things, which brings me to this post. 

Back in October (Columbus Day weekend) my bestie Michelle and I headed to Miami for a mini vacation-slash-short taste of the sun as it was already chilling up in NYC. We had a wonderful experience at our boutique hotel, The Cadet, where they treated us with stellar service and even greeted Michelle with birthday sweets as she was celebrating her 21 years of life (main purpose of our trip). It was nothing but beaches, sunshine and booze for three blissful days. We hit up the classic food spots like News Cafe and Havana 167, which of course never disappoint. We even became regulars at Wet Willies because delicious frozen drinks for $10 bucks are pretty hard to beat! 

 Life is full of surprises, things that are completely out of our control. But when we learn to let go and enjoy those moments to our fullest capacity is when we truly begin to live. Maximize every experience that comes your way, learn the most you can from everything and never ever ever loose sight of what motivates you to get up from bed every morning. I promise you, life will begin to smile back at you when you do. 


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