October 27, 2014


Hey there super-rad people and Happy Monday

I realized over the weekend just how many photos I still have to post of my most recent European adventure; so in the spirit of feeling refreshed and recharged (as it is Monday) I decided to jump right back into it. 
Our second day in Madrid mostly consisted of sightseeing and all things touristy (not even sure if that's a real word but we'll go with it). Mother and I had a free morning, meaning nothing scheduled with our tour company, so we decided to be über cultured and hit up El Prado. We went through all the museum-observer-phases from feeling and acting super intellectual and critical of the stellar art work in front of us to giggling non stop at the funny-looking (mostly naked) sculptures that were scattered throughout the building. I must have woken up feeling extra courageous that day as I was caught twice taking photos after I was not-so-kindly told I wasn't allowed (whoops). After we got our art-fix we grabbed a quick bite at the museum's cafe and headed back to the hotel to meet the rest of our tour group.
With the sightseeing tour we got to visit the main "attractions" Madrid has to offer like La Puerta de Alcala, El Mercado de San Miguel, El Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, El Palacio Real (where the Spaniard royalty no longer lives), and ended at La Plaza Mayor. 
After walking around La Plaza, oh and having the daylights scared out of us by some street vendors who were running away from the cops (FUN), we ended up having some tapas for dinner (shocker!) nearby and catching a ride with our tour bus back to the hotel.
Pre-Euro Trip I would always joke around with my mom RE hitting up all the night-clubs and bars in each city, and originally we did have the intention to, but the reality was that waking up at 8:00 AM (while still jet-lagged) and trotting around town all day did take a toll on us, and by the end of the day we were simply fried. So most of our action on this trip took place while the sun still shined and we were perfectly fine with that.
Till next time!


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