October 20, 2014

1981 MEETS 1991

Sweater: H&M Mens (similar here)
Vegan Leather Joggers: Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Plaid Flannel: Thrifted (similar here)
Sneakers: Nike Roshe Run (here)
Sunnies: Ray-ban (here)

Here's a quick outfit post of a look a sported a little while ago. The "flannel around the waist" trend blew up beginning of last year and it seems like it's here to stay. Can't really say I'm mad about it as it gives semi-dull outfits that extra oomph they need. For example here, without my 90's inspired flannel tied around my waist this would be just another all black look which is very anti Anna Wintour of me( see what I mean HERE) but the flannel helps break up the monotony of the look. Now if only it could help break up the monotony of life...

Speaking of variety being the spice of life, during Columbus day weekend my friends and I flew out to Miami for a little pre-midterm-madness mind, body and soul preparation as well as the celebration of my best friend Michelle's birthday who just turned 21!! A post on that coming pretty soon so stay tuned!

xo, Chels.



  1. I love all your outfits. Wish you post weekly!

    1. Hey there, thank you!! I am trying my best to post more often so stay tuned!:) oh and check out my latest post!


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