May 12, 2014


I am currently writing to you all from a place where food is barely a necessity and sleep is just another one of the many myths made up by grown ups, A.K.A FINALS LAND. Yup, it's that time of the semester again! If I've learned one thing during my college years is that no matter how much you dread them and hate the person that invented the concept of finals, they will inevitably, come back to bite you in the a** every single semester. These photos take me back to a happier time of my life, when I went to San Francisco with my gal pals for Spring Break. As I started to tell you all in my last post, we did a whole lot of walking, sight seeing, eating and most of all laughing during this trip. There were so may insiders I cant even begin to count myself. It all started back in January, I had just gotten back to the states from studying abroad in Argentina when I flew out to the Dominican Republic for a weekend to celebrate my bestie's bday (Carmen, the pretty girl with the huge hat on the last photo of this post). As we were soaking in the sun in Puerto Plata I remember thinking I didn't want the all time high of traveling to South America to end so I suggested we did something fun and adventurous for Spring Break; Carmen being my soul sistah and in the same state of mind as me had no objections. We started planning and plotting and we came to the conclusion that San Fran. was our best option. It's in California (we both had been craving the west coast for a while), it would be warm, public transportation would be accesible and I mean...what other reason did we need, it's San Francisco!

Boy did we make the right decision! We (Carmen and I + our great friend Arantxa) quite literally had the best time out there. Even walking up and down those hills to get from one side of town to the other was a big o'l joke. The only low of the trip was leaving San Francisco and knowing that you can alway come back but you can't ever recreate the same scenarios. Our hostel btw (Hosteling International: City Center) was amazing! It was located in Tenderloin which wasn't necessarily the best part of town but it was incredibly cozy and vintage feeling as it was originally a 1920s boutique hotel. It was conveniently located, as the name suggests in the center of it all which made it easy to move around since we didn't have a car. And on top of it all, they offered free breakfast everyday plus $1.00 unlimited pancakes and/or eggs! I mean what else could one possibly want from life! 

All in all, it was one of the funniest trips I've made; and by funniest I mean I couldn't stop laughing for the three days we were there. Definitely an experience we want to repeat ASAP!

Hope everyone has a great week and Happy Hunger Games! 
...Oh I mean Finals Week (-__-)




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