May 29, 2014


Quite literally blogging in between breaks at work at this very moment. This past week has been sooo incredibly hectic I can't seem to find a better time, but my Memorial Day was so good this year I just had to share.
First and foremost, the outfit! (duh) I've kind of developed this mini tradition of wearing all white on Memorial Day, becauseeee according to olden fashion rules (that everyone, including myself, breaks) one is officially allowed to after this oh-so-wonderful holiday. This year I decided to throw a little denim to spice things up and what better way than my new fave trend, wrapped around my waist!
About the event: My boyfriend, his roomates and I decided to host a BBQ to bring all our friends together so we could all get to know another (no this was not an experiment or a drill, IT WAS REAL) and I must say it was pretty successful. You simply cannot go wrong with booze, grilled food and hoops in a brooklyn backyard, I have proof for that now.
 Last but certaintly not least, the reason why this holiday is celebrated: our fallen soldiers. Those whom could never be forgotten as they have fought for our nation's freedom and the protection of our rights.

Now back to the ol' hustle and bustle of my everyday life. A busy afternoon lies ahead of me as I am leaving for Mexico in less than 24 hours and so far have 0 items packed, Que Viva last minute errands, Que Viva!!


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