March 18, 2014


OKAY SO, whining rant alert: if I had to sum up this northeastern winter I would do it by saying that anyone and everyone currently living in the tri-state area and neighboring states that has ever thought of moving out west so totally will after this horrendous season! This has been legit brutal. Mother nature must be going through some sort of funk and us north-easterners are totally paying the consequences! *crying face emoji* I completely identify with that meme going around the net that says "The air hurst my face, why do I live in a place where the air hurts my face?" UGH! Will it ever end? I feel like at this pace it will only be acceptable to dip our toes into the ocean come August cause only by then will the water be at doable temperatures! (not that I'm a fan of NY beach water but still). The worse part is that the weather keeps teasing us! Just last week we had mid 60s and sunny and now were back to 20s?! Yeah, no, this is totally not cool NY/REST OF THE NORTHEAST!



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