March 23, 2014


Jacket: Forever 21
Peplum Skirt: H&M
Oxfords: Urban Outfitters
Sunnies: Charlotte Russe

Notice how my bag looks like it's about to pop any second? Well that's because it really was. What is it that compels us women to carry our entire world in our bags? Furthermore, what makes us think that allllll these things we carry are absolutely necessary to get through the day? In my defense I was heading to work when these photos were taken therefore I did need to pack for a long day ahead but still! A little late but new-new year's resolution: CARRY LESS CRAP! On a brighter note, how totally fun is this skirt! It was love at first sight for this piece and I at my local H&M, and you can definitely say we are still very much crazy about each other. A little update on my social life: it is currently non existent! Going to school full time, working full time and diving head first into midterms, yeah...I'm lucky if I can remember to keep breathing. Anyway, good luck to all my fellow college students during this tumultuous period of the semester, and enjoy(!!) to all those that got over that hill and are currently enjoying spring break. 22 days till mine begins and I'm seriously counting down the seconds!


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