March 31, 2014


Jacket & Beanie: H&M
Jeans: American Eagle
Cross-body: Phillip Lim x Target
Sneakers: Converse

After a full month of traveling this past January I promised my sister to stay grounded in New York for at least 2 months; her response to the previously stated promise was something along the lines of "YEAH RIGHT! YOU LIAR!"... she knows me too well. But I did it, I needed to lay low for a while (rest and regroup) and that is exactly what I did. The effects of that: the cravings to hop on a plane headed anywhere are intense, to say the least! I'm headed to California in 2 weeks, should everything go as planned, but in the meanwhile I'm satisfying my traveling needs by having mini-day-trips/escapes to cities near mine such as.... PHILLY! We originally planned this road trip to indulge in cheesesteaks but while we were there we decided to check out some historical (semi-touristy) spots because hey, why not! Overall it was a Friday well spent, driving in an open road for around 2 hours, belting out to Backstreet Boys and enjoying the beautiful views Jersey has to offer? *totally being sarcastic about that last one* Again, why not!



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