May 4, 2013


H&M men's baseball cap
Cotton On white tee
Joe Fresh floral pants
H&M jacket
Thrifted leather backpack
Target shoes

So this is yet again another typical casual outfit I wear to le college. I always try to be as comfortable as I can without compromising my sense of fashion. Sometimes I do feel constricted as to what I can wear since I take public transportation to school and you never know what creep you might encounter, I mean it is NYC after all, but I make do with what I have and try to come up with ways to be subway-appropriate while still expressing my personal style. So we are officially in full-blown weekend mode and I am expecting this one to be a good one, possibly the last weekend of enjoyment before I dive head on into finals. Diner with friends tonight and hey, what do you know, Cinco de Mayo is on Sunday! Btws, how cool is the backdrop in these photos?! The thing I love most about Central Park (where these were taken) is how you can sort of escape the hectic city but you can still admire it from within the park. Anyway, hope everyone is having (and continues to have) a kick-ass weekend!


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  1. How come you are not posting anymore?I really like your style & how you put an outfit together.


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