April 18, 2013


 photo DSC_0648.jpg
 photo DSC_0611.jpg  photo DSC_0616.jpg  photo DSC_0623.jpg  photo DSC_0653.jpg  photo DSC_0621.jpg  photo DSC_0610.jpg
H&M lace over neon dress
Target men's fedora hat
Michael Kors gladiator sandals

Day three was completely dedicated to sun bathing (as you can see by these pictures I seriously needed it) and by-the-pool-lounging. Overall an effortless, fuzz-free day. We began our day having brunch at the Delano Hotel, and as it has become a family tradition, attempting to sneak into their pool, only this time around it was an epic fail! (never again Delano, never again). Since I was going to spend the entire day switching between what I would wear and what was underneath (my bathing suit) I had to sport something easy and effortless which is why I went with this dress, like literally it was a zip away from my beachwear underneath! 
Hope everyone has had a wonderful week so far and if not smile, tomorrow is friday!

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