April 25, 2013


H&M Dress(old) & Denim Jacket
Target Metallic bag
Ray-ban sunnies
Mynamenecklace.com name plate 

Looking at these photos I took about two weeks ago (back when the weather started to feel like  summer for a few days and then out of nowhere brought us back to fall, yeah then) is causing this intense crave for Mister Softee! The constant weather teasing we've been experiencing lately in New York is seriously making me so desperate for lazy summer days, where there will be no papers, exams, quizzes or homework to worry about! Today is the last  school day of the week for me and what a week it has been (picture me with eye-bags till my cheeks and a "do not mess with me" face worn 24/7). This weekend will be dedicated completely towards school work and personal errands in preparation for the mother of all hell weeks: finals week. I am on the verge of starting one of those countdown app things on my phone which display the days, better yet the seconds, left till the semester ends (desperation level: very high) 
On a brighter note, its Thursday and that means one thing and one thing only: tomorrow is Friday!!
Go out and show the weekend who's daddy!

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