April 7, 2013


What I'm Wearing:
Jacket: Forever 21
T-Shirt: Forever21
Jeans: Target
Sneakers: Converse 
Necklaces: H&M and Forever 21

This was a casual-wednesday-afternoon look I wore right before I went on spring break for a busy day at school. The point of shooting on this corner in specific (Lexington and 31st) was to capture the beautiful chrysler building that was right behind me which in essence was an, for a lack of a better term, EPIC FAIL! (although you can kinda see it if you take a closer look at the first photo). Either way, I am very pleased with the outcome of this shoot and the outfit for that matter. It was comfortable but cool-cat-esque, which is what I usually aim for on school days since I am quite literally running around campus from class to class most of the times (heels? at school? not to sound cliche or too main-stream but really, ain't NOBODY got time for that!) I'm currently experiencing the late Sunday afternoon blues which include a crap load of homework to catch up on and some of "dreading monday morning" action; but since it is inevitable, the books are calling my name as I write this. Hope you all enjoy the last little bit of your weekend!



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