February 17, 2013


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T-Shirt: Cotton On,  Jeans: H&M,  Boots: Target,  Bracelet: Michael Kors

Hey Look what the cat dragged in! Yes it's me and yes my blogger self is still alive!!

Where to even start?! Back in November, before I wrote my last post, my life went through a lot of changes, most of them good ones but non the less ones that forced me to put my blog on pause for a while. I never thought standing behind a camera and sitting behind a computer typing could be missed SO much but I have legit craved blogging since the minute I stopped. Hopefully *fingers crossed* this time I am here to stay! To recap a bit, since I stopped blogging basically the holidays happened. I traveled to Florida twice to visit family, once in November and again for Christmas. In January I flew to the Dominican Republic (where I grew up) for about 10 days to try and catch some sun which was a major fail since it was rainy most of the time. Then at the end of January I started school again (which I was dreading like no one else in the entire universe has ever dreaded anything). On February 8th I turned 20 years old! Horrayyyyy! Out of the teenage years and very excited for what life has in store for moi. And then Valentine's day happened and that's where this post comes into play. This was the first Valentine's day as a single lady that I've had in a while and I must say it was absolutely wonderful. I spent most of my day in school wearing what you see above then at night went to see a movie (Safe Haven to be specific) with my two siblings which was such a great time. Any time those two and I are together it's a given good time pretty much anywhere we are. I have a tradition of wearing something red for Christmas eve and for Valentine's day and since it was way too cold I opted for a jacket as my red accent this time around. Hope you all enjoy this look and the many more that will be rolling in soon!



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