October 14, 2012


Sweater/Jumper:Forever21,  Skirt:Vintage,  Gloves: H&M,  Vest: Target
I am a HUGE sucker for anything leather, or faux for that matter, and vests are no exception. I've had this bad boy for almost 3 whole years now and every fall/winter season, as soon as the temperature starts to drop a few degrees, I break it out in a heartbeat! (I even tried to sneak it in with a few outfits this past summer, total fail since the summers in NYC are just as hot as winters are cold in this city). I just love pairing it with literally everything to give any outfit that extra edge. And as if the biker vest wasn't enough of an edge, I threw on these oxblood "cropped" leather gloves which I recently picked up from H&M for only $30.00! (Total steal if you ask me, I mean they are genuine leather). Now as to my shoes... I have officially declared myself OBSESSED with the whole "wedged sneakers" trend. They serve the purpose of heels by providing the height without the pain that heels cause, I simply can't get enough of them! I mean really, I've bought 3 pairs in the past two months (insert shame face here). Someone needs to seriously ban me from even looking at them at this point. A similar pair to these lovely burgundy ones (which can barely be seen here since it was nearly 7:00 PM when I took these photos) can be found here. Anyway, hope you all have a great, productive week!


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