Hey babies! Writing to you all from the other side of the world...sorta. Currently enjoying my last few days in Holland before I go back to the states. Next up: Palm Springs! One of my absolute favorite places in the world. But before I head back west, I thought I'd put together a quick guide to some of the "Instagrammable" spots in Instagram-land aka L.A. :)

¡Hola mis amores! Finally getting around to writing my Mexico recap for y'all. :) As you know, I've been non-stop traveling for a few months now, and before I know it I'll be off to my next adventure: London + Amsterdam. Ahh I can hardly wait! But today is all about Mexico and Hacienda Encantada Resort & Residences
Hi my loves! Are you ready for summer? Know the "official" kick off is not until later next month, but I'm just so excited I couldn't help but start prepping my closet for the upcoming warmer weather. 

Hi loves! It's crazy to think we're already in May - seriously 2019 needs to simmer down. I will say, I'm not mad at the warmer weather tho. We're finally ready to whip out our favorite sandals and other summer shoes and I'm so here for it! 
Hey fam! Another travel recap for the books. This one is extra special because it's Hawaii! I had been dreaming of traveling to Hawaii for a while - since college, actually. To be completely honest, it wasn't a top "bucket list destination" for me until college. My friend Valentina aka @sunflowervalentine had gone and came back with the most magical anecdotes about her travels. She said it was like no other place she had visited before and ever since I've wanted to experience it for myself. Not to mention the dozens of movies that have been filmed there, making it even more enticing. And now having gone myself I have to agree...it truly is a place like no other.

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