Hey ya'll! As some of you may know, I've gone 'natural' since April and haven't looked back. It's been such a journey to get to know my real hair texture and and learn to truly love myself as I come. I thank God everyday for giving me the courage to start and the confidence to own my truth day in and day out. 
Hi babes - happy National Best Friend Day! Hard to imagine our lives without our best pals, am I right? My BFF Carmen and I have been inseparable since we were four years old - aka for over 20 years! I always joke around that we’ve known each other for too long not to be best friends. #LogicalThinking
Hello dawlings - can you believe May is already behind us? Yeah, same. 
With the world still buzzing from the royal wedding, I thought what better time to share some spring wedding looks for different dress codes?! Sure, your typical wedding doesn't require a below-the-knee dress and an ornate hat. And sure, the queen of England won't be there, but hey - it's someone's special day and therefore all guests should put their best, polished foot forward!
 Hi there babes! Happy to report that I made it out of one of the U.S.'s most haunted cities safe and sound!

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