The holiday season is upon us which means...Christmas Carols! But also, tons of travel, hehe.

Hi dolls! Back from Paris and finally feeling caught up, both on sleep and life. Thought it might be appropriate to finally share my personal guide to this breathtaking city after having just visited it for the third time, and truly experienced it for more than 48hrs. I'll be sharing snippets of what to do, eat, see, (where to) stay on stories, but wanted to have a "central place" to lead you guys to if you have any questions.

Anyone here a fellow home body? I remember growing up my mom used to say “once you get me into this house, you can’t get me out” and now as an adult I so can relate. I like the feeling of coziness that I get in my apartment, hygge if you will - hence why I’ve always loved working out of it. That was up until recently, at least - when I learned how much more productive I can be by stepping outside of my literal comfort zone to get work done!

I know the same tools are available to me at home than in a coffee shop, or a WeWork per se, but there’s just something about not being in your comfortable, cozy home environment that boosts productivity and even creativity. There are less distractions, yet you are surrounded by new things, people, environments, helping you see things from a different lens.
Just this past Sunday my WiFi was down, which forced me to go elsewhere for work. I can't even tell you guys how much more efficient I was with my hours! That’s why when I learned about the WeWork x Like To Know It space in the city I knew I had to check it out!
This space is 100% designed with bloggers/content creators in mind. I mean the level of detail is just superb, not to mention every little corner of the space is uber “instagramable” - as to be expected. They really thought of everything - from hair ties to dry shampoo, a bar cart - the whole 9! All pieces were provided by Walmart - which you can shop below:

I love that this space is accessible to content creators by just showing your RewardStyle app at the front desk. It’s a great space for us to get work done, but also test out a concept such as a WeWork. I know that some my freelance hunnies out there may struggle with finding that consistent “work environment” that provides some sense of structure, while still adapting to their scheduling needs. WeWork is all that and then some! The energy of being surrounded by fellow creatives/creators is so palpable when stepping into this space. I sincerely encourage all of you to give it a try - you won’t look back! And while you're at it, follow them on social for the latest entrepreneurial + design inspiration.

This post is sponsored by WE WORK. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Chelsea as of Late!
For that loved one that just loves to rank up the air miles!
 Hi dolls! Can you believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving? I surely cannot. 2018 legit flew by in the blink of an eye!

Thanksgiving is one of my personal favorite holidays because, food! It also commemorates the official start of the holiday season. And no, November 1st is not it - thank you very much. I’ve always liked dressing up for the occasion, even if I’m just going down the steps and into my living room! :) Granted, comfort is key because, again, food! Especially in footwear department - walking back and forth from the food table in heels is *not* practical...let’s face it.

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