What is love? Agreeing to take Valentine's Day photos in freezing weather because you're girlfriend reaaaaally wants the content. Ha!

Oh man. Remember the days when 25 felt ancient? Yet somehow, we’re here!
Ditch the teddy bears this year and show your special lady just how much you care - and pay attention - with gifts she'll actually like!
Happy first day of February, my loves! I might be a little biased - given it's my birthday month - but isn't February just the best month ever? From the Super Bowl (read: half time show) to Valentine's Day and even President's Day (sales), there's just so much to celebrate! 

It's safe to say that 2017 was the year of travel for me. From San Diego to Spain, airports quickly became my second home with trips almost every month! So when the opportunity to the end the year with a quick leg down to Mexico City presented itself, it only seemed natural go for it.
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