Hi babes - happy National Best Friend Day! Hard to imagine our lives without our best pals, am I right? My BFF Carmen and I have been inseparable since we were four years old - aka for over 20 years! I always joke around that we’ve known each other for too long not to be best friends. #LogicalThinking
Hello dawlings - can you believe May is already behind us? Yeah, same. 
With the world still buzzing from the royal wedding, I thought what better time to share some spring wedding looks for different dress codes?! Sure, your typical wedding doesn't require a below-the-knee dress and an ornate hat. And sure, the queen of England won't be there, but hey - it's someone's special day and therefore all guests should put their best, polished foot forward!
 Hi there babes! Happy to report that I made it out of one of the U.S.'s most haunted cities safe and sound!

Weeeee can you believe it's the second day of spring? Yeah, me neither. Especially because we're in the middle of a snow storm here in New York. Womp womp! -___-
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