My most frequently asked question tend to revolve around my content - from how I capture to how I edit - so today I want to cover all things creative content creation! I've mentioned this before, but 2018 is when I started to truly invest in my content - both from an effort and financial perspective. Three cameras, five lenses, a billilion presets and endless late-night tutorial sessions later, I'm finally at a place where I know, definitively, who I am as a content creator. It's taken a while, but I feel that I've finally built that solid "visual identity" that differentiates me in today's crowded social space. I guess what I'm trying to say is that everyone's creative journey is different, but I'm hoping that these tools/tips help you navigate yours.
A question I get asked frequently is "who takes your pictures?" My answer for this is always changing because, truth be told, so is my photographer. This is a topic I've wanted to cover for a while because it's been a bit of a journey for me. I remember when I was just starting out in the "bloggersphere" I had this feeling of frustration and impotence because I wasn't always surrounded by other "creatives" like most successful content creators at the time were. My family and friends have *always* helped me out the best they could, but to most taking pictures was a chore not something they were innately passionate about like I was. I found myself blaming my "lack of resources" for my slow growth at the time - but it went way beyond that. If we're keeping a hunnet, I was simply making excuses instead of getting to the root of the problem and finding a solution.
Oh hi babes - happy Friday! This gal just got back from the Bahamas and having major vacation withdrawals. Working on a travel post for y'all, but I seriously could not wait any longer to tell you about my favorite shaving products - so here it is. Cue: Billie!

Hey babes! 4th of July is just around the corner - can you believe it?! Below are some of my favorite festive pieces for America's b-day. ;)
Everyone who knows me knows I run on coffee….and an occasional taco, but mostly coffee. It’s my truest love and we’re likely in this for life. Just sipping that freshly brewed cup to start my day brings me so much joy and makes me feel excited to get to work. Until I see my teeth on camera or in the mirror, that is. Coffee: I love you, but you stain the life out of my pearly whites.
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